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65lt grey romer cooler boxesKeeps Ice Longer

The lids has a complete fridge type gasket seal that ensures that the cold on the inside is kept as long as possible. Ice can hold over a week.

The polyurethane insulation that is used is ‘green’ and is ozone friendly. It does not omit harmful CFC’s into the environment. The insulation assists with keeping the contents of the cooler box cold. Both the box and the lid is insulated with the foam.

65lt group romer cooler boxes

Tough and Durable

RÖMER Cooler Boxes are manufactured by the method of roto molding. This process of roto molding allows for a complete product that does not have inserts. There is no assembly of the plastic parts  This is necessary for good insulations. The wall thickness is uniform and the corners are stronger and thicker, where it’s needed.

65lt grey interior romer cooler boxesEasy to Cean

The LLDPE food grade plastic is non marking and easy to clean. It is also corrosion free and UV resistant. The cooler boxes will not only stay clean and look good on the outside but also stay hygienic on the inside.

40lt open resized romer cooler boxTie down points

How many times have you had a cooler box at the back of a vehicle and having it move from side to size. Damaging all that is inside.

The Romer cooler box has two tie-down points on either side of the cooler box so that you can pull straps through and attach it to your vehicle. And because this is on the body of the box and not on the lid, one can open and close the box without untying the straps.

65lt grey angle romer cooler box

Handles, catches and hinge

Rubber lid cathces ensure a secure and airtight lid. They can be easy replaced if ever they do break.

The lid is attached to the box by a full length stainless steel hinge the will not over extend.

The nylon rope handles make it much easier to carry and handle the cooler box. They are easy to replace if ever they do break.

65lt beige side romer cooler box

Boat Bung Plug

The cooler box has a easy to use boat bung drain plug. This ensures easy cleaning and draining of any left over water from the ice.

One can drain off any water that may have formed from the ice without loosing any of the ice. Then just topping up with more ice.

purple romer cooler boxColours and Graphics

We do not offer any in-house branding. Branding can be achieved mosting successfully by screen printing alternatively one can use stickers.

There are alternate colours of cooler box available, only for large orders.

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