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I have been a refrigeration technician for over 20years, so my knowledge on insulation is quite extensive.  Most of my work consists of pretty standard applications, like cold rooms and fridges. I found that most of the cooler boxes available  where  pretty much standard and did not offer very much from one product to the other. This is what got me thinking. 
The concept for the cooler box comes from the many fishing trips we had done to the Transkei coast and being disappointed with the cooler boxes not sealing properly, ice not keeping, hinges breaking, handles coming off and food spoiling.  I needed a product that would keep and hold ice for the full long week-end, not just for the first day.
Firstly, I needed to make a product that is robust and can take our rugged outdoor living. A product that you don’t have to pamper and worry about breaking. That is where roto-moulded plastic has its biggest strength, just like river kayaks, hardy and tough! 
I did not want to take any shortcuts with the insulation either. The boxes are insulated with 45-60mm polyurethane foam. I needed a product that could keep ice for up to five days, this way I keep the outdoors enthusiasts happy. But its not only the insulation that makes this box efficient, its also the fridge like gasket on the lid, to keep the cold in and the heat out.
When you are out fishing, you take your cooler box with you but most of the time it stays on your vehicle. The easiest way to secure it is to strap it down, but its very frustrating to have to undo the strapping just to get out a drink. Now with my cooler box, you can strap down and secure the box without strapping the lid aswell. Just use the tie down points on the box and the lid can open and close without unstrapping the whole box. And what if you don’t want to leave the box unattended because you are worried someone will help themselves to your contents. I have made provision on the box and lid for you to attach a padlock.
I have had many cooler boxes that have had broken handles and latches. So had many of my friends. The Romer cooler box has rope handles that can be easily replaces if damaged and the same applies with the latches. The rubber latch can be bought at any hardware store and replaced. 

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