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Go Magazine March 2014
Play it Cool
Words Nick Dall pictures Jon Minster

Römer (60 ℓ)
Ice for 179 hours (practically a week!)

This locally made box was hands down the best performer in the ice test and it blew the competition away in almost every other aspect. It’s designed by a refrigeration technician, who’s also an avid Wild Coast fisherman – and it shows. The walls are “roto moulded” from tough plastic (much like an expedition kayak) and the box is so strong that you can park a Land Rover on it – check out the video on their website. Other clever features include unbreakable rope handles, metal hinges and rubber fasteners, and a fridge-like rubber seal. The only drawback is its immense size but fortunately Mr Römer is busy working on a smaller 40 ℓ version. My name’s on the waiting list…


Getaway magazine 2 October 2013
Ice Ice Baby - Cooler Box Ice Test
Click here to see article online

Ice Test Winner

Dimensions: 76 x 43 x 48cm
Weight: 12kg
Capacity: 65 litres
Ice test: 56 hours

The biggest (in size and capacity) and heaviest of the coolboxes tested. It also outdid the others in the ice test. The handles aren’t the most comfortable and it’s not ideal to lug around. Still it’s great for an overland adventure or camping trip. There are padlock holes so you can lock it and tie-down points to fasten it to your vehicle.
Available at Safari and Outdoor stores.


The SA Hunting and Conservation Association through the  editor of its South African HUNTERmagazine, has tested the  Romer cooler box hard and extensively and had this to say...
We have tested this cooler box for some months now and came away highly impressed with its superior qualities. We put the cooler box through its paces during hunting trips to Namibia, the Free State and Limpopo and deliberately abused  it to test its durability. We should never have questioned that – it passed all the tests with flying colours. And yes, it did indeed  keep ice for several days” !!

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